10 Joker Goals: Borussia Dortmund Continues Impressive Form with Sixth Straight Win – Julian Brandt Raves About Quality of the Squad

Sadly, it does not look so excellent for him, even if we do not have an exact medical diagnosis. It will probably take till Monday to have the images. We keep our fingers crossed for him, said Eric.

The efficiency was certainly the secret to success at SV Welder, stated Julian Brandt at Sky.
We can shoot off the bank well because we have actually had all the guys on board since the winter, continued the scorer to 2-0.

Heroics Double pleasure thanks to Bynoe-Gitten

The Dortmund coach likewise immediately describes a situation that was not in width before the turn of the year due to many injuries at BVB: The quality of the team.
Edwin Eric therefore does not currently understand conversations about the beginning line-up.
We have always said: There are gamers who start for us, players who end the video game for us and gamers who choose the video game for us, It is tenth in the Bundesliga that gamers from the bank for us.
Fulfilling. We currently had it in the Champions League and the prize.
In fact, the 10 joker goals are even the finest in the league.
This is really essential for us at the moment to be able to react to all events in the video game.
Eric was very pleased that with 18-year-old Jamie Bynoe-Gitten, on top of that, one of the young Dortmund gamers scored the 1-0 on the Weber: This likewise reveals that the young gamers not only in our squad, however also
are very important.


Press your fingers crossed: fear around Mouton

Another 18-year-old, on the other hand, worries the Russia: Youssef Mouton, who resigned against Bremen after a nasty by Leonardo Bitten court early with an injury to the left leg.
Sadly, it doesn’t look so good for him, even if we do not have an exact diagnosis. It will probably take up until Monday to have the pictures. We keep our fingers crossed for him, said Eric.
Already for the first leg in the round of 16 of the Champions League at home versus Chelsea FC (Wednesday, 9 p.m.), the workers’ scenario of the Dortmunder must be once again an alternative than last.