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Dungeon Drafters

Dungeon Drafters
Develop: Monolith Studios // Pubic: DANGER ENTERTAINMENT
Launch: 2nd quarter of 2023
Dungeon Drafters is a pixelated game of exploration of dungeons with tactical combat.
Structurally, it functions as a succession of matriculated scenarios in which we will have to make the most of the scarce three actions that we can perform.
This does not necessarily mean that we are facing a slow game.
Here the secret is to dominate the different letters that each character can use, always taking advantage of the movement to perform the occasional Melee attack.
Therefore, it is very much appreciated that this Dungeon Drafters demo let us try all of its six characters.


Only then can we understand what a game gives of itself that may apparently seem simple.
Dungeon Drafters characters have two different natures that are those that define their card bookstore.
The bard, for example, has a deck dominated by the invocation of allies and the magical movement that derives in which natural movement (the box jump in the box and the brute force attack) is not very profitable.
However, thanks to teleport and the help of the allies we can be able to gain speed and cover great distances.
On the other side of the spectrum we find the fighter that we can use to take advantage of melee combat thanks to the agility and power contained in their letters.

Although the dungeon we travel in this demo is nothing from the other world, it is more than enough to show the enormous differences in the combat of each character and so that we learn the minimum elements to advance in exploration.
But just as this advance is successful when presenting us how the game will adapt to our preferences within the tactical combat, we must admit that it does not do a good job when introducing the facet of Deck Buffer.
As we read in Steam, Dungeon Drafters will allow us to collect broken, prohibited or incomplete letters and work with them in the care stop to create especially powerful combinations.
Since the title prefers to self-destitute with the tactical Roguelike label it could be understood that the construction of mallets will be a minor facet of the experience to which we will not have to pay special attention beyond the configuration of the deck.
However, developers promise a wide collection of attacks that will allow the characters to decant, if that is what we want, towards one of their natures.
For now, the way in which this will affect the balanced combat only remains in our imagination.
Dungeon Drafters, like so many other Marmoreal exploration games, deals, in the end, about our ability to evaluate and face different challenges.
Every time we reach a mini-chief we can choose to return to the village and put our treasures to good collection or continue to deepen the danger in search of greater rewards and possibilities.
The title of Monolith Studio pays tribute to the most classic crawlers but without giving up a dynamism that we only find in the slope of the most current genre.
The tone nails it, we cannot say anything else.
The ability to explore it until the end is then in our hand.