Fredi Bobic: Hertha President and Possible DFB Engagement Speculation

The speculation about a possible DFB engagement by Fred BBC was most likely not quite insignificant at the Hertha-Aus of the former specialist.
After the workers in connection with the successor to Oliver Bailiff had actually occurred after his separation from the German Football Association, we have heard different signals that Fred was basically open to this subject, said Bertha’s club president Kay Bernstein in an interview
the homepage of the distressed Bundesliga club and threatened by the descent.
Bernstein did not say what accurate impact the processes on the Hertha-Aus of BBC after just a half and a year.
After the unsuccessful start to the brand-new year and also weighing up the currently pointed out financial truths and the legal circumstance, we then decided to make this modification at this point in time, he described instead.

vanished trust

On January 28, the collaboration with the previous supervisor of Eintracht Frankfurt had ended, Benjamin Weber took control of parts of the jobs as s director.
At journalism conference on the day after the release, Bernstein said that it didn’t matter that BBC’s name had been traded at the DFB.
In the club interview, the 42-year-old now explained that at Bodies arrival Bertha BSC, an enthusiastic growth strategy had simply provided for the Gold else task.
Nevertheless, on a better take a look at the implementation, a healthy basis was missing in the summer of 2021 and in the culture, in the company and in the monetary realities, emphasized Bernstein.


The bottom line is that the impression has been strengthened in the committees that particularly with a view to the transfer balance and ing advancement as a whole, trust in successful operate in this personnel constellation has vanished.

In addition, the matter with the DFB at BBC came.