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LeTigress Steps Back from LCS After Controversial Segment Causes Community Backlash


Some individuals thought that the method Tigress handled the topic was far too casual because the subject surrounded the alleged abuse of TSM gamers and staff members.

The problems started when Tigress dove into an in-depth monologue meant to buzz up an upcoming game between TSM and 100 Thieves, with her monologue centered around the heated fight in between TSM and superstar advertisement bring Double lift. This situation was, nevertheless, presented in a way that lots of people found unprofessional and tone-deaf.

It’s been practically a week since the LCS aired a controversial section throughout a routine season video game day that triggered big backlash from the League of Legends neighborhood. In the wake of this incident, popular LCS caster and host Gabriella Tigress Devia-Allen stated today she’ll be taking a step back from the program for this upcoming week.

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As a result, the skilled caster has decided to take a mental health break to regroup and show on the current happenings before she goes back to the program for week 4 of the 2023 LCS Spring Split.

Tigress did give attention the number of anonymous hate messages that were imposed versus her considering that her monologue was broadcast and said she was frightened by the harassment and vitriol directed at me by anonymous trolls for merely doing my task.

After a variety of problems were raised on social media, both the league and Tigress issued apologies saying they missed the mark with this particular sector. The league likewise ensured that the fault should be set on the shoulders of the entire broadcast team and not a single person because it is very important for the whole team to make sure that the item existing is perfect.