How to Get a Modern Ax in the Son of the Forest – A Guide to Finding the Best Axe for the Game

A modern ax is among many axes that you can locate in the boys of the forest.
The video game begins with a tactical ax, which will certainly offer you well throughout the initial few hours, however quickly you will discover the very best ax to boost your opportunities of survival.
Several think about Modern Axe the very best ax in the ready timber resources.
This is because he can quickly knock down trees, surpassing his other shortcomings in rate.
A modern ax is also an efficient tool in the sons of the forest, 2nd just to the ax of the fireman in regard to gross force.
Given its flexibility, it is far better to acquire Modern Ax as swiftly as feasible, so follow the instructions offered below, and you will see its specific location.

Location Sons of the Woodland Modern Ax

You have to get to the area marked on the map below to locate Children of the forest modern ax in an abandoned campground.
This is not like another tool in the video game where you need to check out the give in order to obtain it.
You can find Modern Axe fairly near to the location where you purchased a flashlight.
If you have not found a flashlight yet, you can get to the scene of the helicopter accident.
Then you can comply with the purple marker closest to this area, as well as relocate to the road where the outdoor camping is situated.

exactly how to get a modern ax

Cant to the helicopter accident website from the preliminary stages of the game.
From there you can start transferring to the purple marker on a mini-card.
As soon as you reach the marker, go south to be on the roadway.
Utilize your map to transfer to the brown line representing the roadway.
Follow the means a little on the way until you find a tiny camping between the path.


You will certainly identify and discover several remains that the camp has been struck as well as deserted.
The location is easy to figure out when you approach, as you will hear songs from the radio.
Seam the remains in the camp up until you discover one with an ax.
Go closer to it and also engage with it to add Modern Ax to your inventory.
You can outfit it by opening up the stock.
Considering that your 2nd ax will certainly be equipped currently, you need to add a modern ax to your backpack to include it to your turning of quick option.
There are 3 camping tents for research, therefore, along with Modern Ax, there are much more sources that can be acquired in the area.
Points such as C4, signaling grenades, missiles and batteries can also be acquired around.