Legal Dispute between Hertha BSC and Fredi Bobic – Explosive Revelations about XXL Contract

Bertha BSC and also ex-managing director Fred BBC remain in the legal dispute, which might deteriorate right into a genuine mud fight.
The Berlin club desires to present evidence that validates termination without notice-and when researching, has apparently stumbled upon an explosive verdict of the supervisor.
Eruptive discoveries of the Spiegel can ultimately fall on the feet: the 51-year-old presently acts versus his termination without notice, which, according to Bertha BSC, happened practically two weeks after the common termination due to the normal termination.
BBC had endangered a press reporter of the ROB before the video camera.
BBC is currently whining to the court that needs to figure out whether the discharge is legal.
If the reasons are inadequate, BBC proceeds to collect his wage or severance payment of 2.8 million euros, which, according to the publication, would need to be paid out by mid-May.
BBC is also versus normal termination.
As Build lately reported, Bertha BSC has actually long considering that assembled more proof that is meant to show Bodies behavior that is allegedly damaging to the association.
The mirror currently gives details.

Bertha BSC: suspicious XXL contract from Fred BBC?

Accordingly, Bertha BSC has actually currently located numerous disputes in Fred BBC’s job.


Most importantly, one contract he had negotiated with club symbol Axel Ruse in January 2022 to win it as the association’s advertising ambassador can now fly for his ears.
Instead of getting only 500 to 1000 euros per appearance plus bases on balls for home video games and a coupon for the follower store, according to the contract, according to the contract, as opposed to various other ambassadors such as Marko Reamer or Gabor Italy, that only obtain 500 to 1000 euros per look.
The agreement is developed for 2 even more for an expansion of 2 years.
An XXL contract that makes the club lawyers as well as the management level apparently made suspicious.
Since: The two ex-professionals integrate a lengthy friendship.
Now it ought to be checked whether the BBC Ruse agreement can be billed.

talked Fred BBC at Bertha BSC Internal?

This is insufficient: According to Spiegel, Fred BBC is also accused of having actually handed down private internals to the arrangements on the start of the US investor 777 partners to unauthorized 3rd parties.
Lastly, BBC’s handling of funds can be offered as an extra factor.
In spite of a financial savings course enforced by the club, workers expenses climbed to a document high of 97.7 million euros under the ex-Frankfurt.