Page Title: Valorant Episode 6 Act 2: Gekko Release Date & Oni 2.0 Pack

Valorant continues to bring changes to his server, and on the occasion of the arrival of act 2 of episode 6 of the game, Riot Games prepares several surprises to his players.

The first one, and we have known her for a long time, is the arrival of the on 2.0 pack, which will include a vandal, frenzy, bulldog and Ares, in addition to a Katina as a main knife.
The other novelty, and that you possibly interest you more than a pack of aspects, is the arrival of a new agent.
This will be called Gecko, and agent number 22 that will land Valorant will be a controller.
If you want to know their skills, at the end of the news, we leave you the piece in which we have all kinds of detail.

When does Gecko come out?

Gecko already has a release date.
To open mouth, we could see it in the show match prior to the lock final // in which Fanatic took the title in a better five that has already passed to the game’s history.
As usual, content creators will show all the news of the new act and in which we will be present in MGG.
Below we give you the key dates for the followers of Spain and Latin America to be able to try Gecko:
Monday, March 6 at 6:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular, content creators can try Gecko
Tuesday, March 7, will be available in Latin America
Wednesday, March 8, with the arrival of the update, you can already unlock the character.


Remember that to unlock it, or you will have to complete the first five levels of contract, or you will have to go through the box paying 1000 Valorant Points (10 euros).
This initiator has unique skills, and we are sure that he will be a fairly entertaining agent and that he will give Valorant.