Complete the Last Poppy Sweetting Mission in Hogwarts Legacy with Our Guide!

A Bird in the Hand is the last mission of the Poppy Sweeping arc in Hogwarts Heritage.
After talking with the centaurs, the objective of the pursuit is to discover the cavern where promoting are hidden and secure them from opponents.
Take a look at exactly how to complete a bird in hand.

How to get in the ruins?

As a suggestion, Poppy and also you intend to save a team of poor (formerly used animal with gold humor in Quidditch), a magic animal that regrettably you can’t maintain in your baby rooms.
You will be aided by a pleasant centaur after completing the Moon Stone Mission.


Sign up with poppy to find Dorian the Centaur.
1. Go Into the Moon Rock in the Central Pillar,
2. Use turn around to identify the 2 symbols that shine on the door: the sun and also the crucial kind with a factor.
3. Usage Action to move the columns around the circle and also rotate them to ensure that your light gets to the right symbols until they shine.
4. Currently, enter the dungeon
5. Bonus offer: Near this area is a source of genealogical magic, as is a crawler burrow.
Note: On top of this write-up, you will find the action by step of the video objective.

Full the entire dungeon.

Along with the goal, it is likewise possible to recuperate readily available collection chests as well as other prizes.
Once more, see our video clip step by action at the top of the text to situate the chests.
Don’t worry, you can renovate the dungeon later on, freely as well as without poppy.
In the tree area, the objective is to revive 2 cubes (the very first one is at the top, right of the tree and the 2nd, to the end, climbing the wall surface utilizing a box that you ought right here with Action and after that climbed up with levies).
In pedestals.
Use an ice spell on the left block and also a fire spell on the right.
After the huge battle, simply interact with the door to open it (there is no demand to finish a challenge).
You can then conserve the promoting, view the scene, and also leave the location to finish the Poppy Sweetting objectives line.