Complete the Lets Go Collection Challenge in Pokemon GO: Capturing 4 Pokemon including Ditto & Meltan!

The occasion Let’s Go ought information and additionally rescued previous points in Pokémon GO.
The return of Melton took area in some types as well as one of them is with the collection of collection Come on!.
The study task is short-lived and will certainly air until the end of Teacher Willow’s occasion.

Collection Obstacle: Allow’s go!

During the duration from Tuesday, March 21, at 10am, Tuesday, March 28, at 20h, you will have the possibility to finish the adhering to difficulty Allow’s Go:
Capture It’s The Same: (Available in nature and with momentary disguises during the event).
Capture passage.
Capture pannier.


  • Capture Pan pour.
    Passage, pannier and Pan pour are showing up a lot in nature.
    But if you are not fortunate to discover them, they are likewise offered as benefits of certain area tasks gotten by spinning Poképaraddas.

Benefits of the Collection Obstacle: Melton.

After fulfilling the task Come on!, You can claim 2 rewards for completing the collection obstacle:.
Fulfilling with Melton (SHINY POSSIBILITY).
5,000 XP points.