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Doublelift Sheds Light on How 100 Thieves Bounced Back from LCS Slump in Spring Split 2023

100 Thieves recuperated from 5-8 in the 2023 lcs springtime split to complete 10-8 overall, with 2 success in the sudden deaths securing them third location by the end of the regular season. Their star gamer, Double lift, lost some light on exactly how they returned to winning ways.


Double lift likewise disclosed just how he’s positive that Cloud9 are the various other best group in the 2023 lcs springtime split right now, and also they must be the challengers that 100T face in the final.

I simply realized Spring Split does matter, then I began attempting, as well as you recognize, got on a seven-win touch, Double lift claimed. The player later detailed just how he feels great about playing scaling champs when the match most likely to late game, as well as he can carry the games from that point onwards.

The American talked regarding 100ts efforts to return on the right track in a meeting with Travis Afford on March 20. He explained that he really started attempting, as well as the group finally determined which drafts helped them, that made them successful in the normal period.

The fact is that if it most likely to late video game, and also I’m playing a decently scaling champ, it doesn’t need to out scale adversary advertisement lug, after that I really feel positive that I’m simply gonna carry, the AD lug added. He additionally chatted a bit concerning 100Ts preparing approach, underlining that they really feel confident and also play well on particular mix of champs. They are presently at a factor where they have determined what jobs for them as well as what doesn’t, though, they will need to increase their drafts.

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The 2023 LCS Spring Split and also 100T go back to activity this Thursday, March 23, as the 2023 LCS Spring Split playoffs start.